Welcome to Lucerne Lakeside Villa: Your Home Away From Home

A Unique Retreat by Lake Lucerne

At Lake Villa Lotus, we offer a rare blend of traditional Swiss landhouse style with the comforts of modern luxury. Our Lucerne Lakeside Villa is the perfect setting for guests seeking a distinctive experience by the serene waters of Lake Lucerne.

Facts about our Lucerne Lakeside Villa

At our Classic Lakeside Villa Lucerne, guests are invited to indulge in a range of exceptional features:

  • The elegant fusion of classic lakeside charm with the villa’s traditional aesthetics with a capacity of up to 20 people
  • Up to 8 bedrooms, 350 square meters (approximately 3,767 square feet) of living space, and a property surface of 6600 square meters (about 71,042 square feet).
  • Discover exclusivity on our 6,600 sqm estate, boasting private sitting areas, an enchanting forest, and several barbecue spots.
  • A secluded private beach offering a serene escape.
  • A crystal-clear pool for refreshing swims and relaxation (10 x 4 meters, or roughly 33 x 13 feet).
  • Access to a picturesque jetty and harbour, the gateway to nautical adventures on the lake.
  • The possibility to use historic vintage boats, including the sophisticated Chris Craft 1939 and the exquisite Pedrazzini Cavallino de Luxe 1967, for memorable excursions.

Direct Lake Access: Your Gateway to Pristine Waters

Unparalleled Lakeside Villa Experience

With direct lake access, Villa Lotus provides guests with an intimate connection to the lake’s natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the calm and refreshing waters, which are as inviting for a morning swim as they are for a moonlit stroll along the shore.

Revel in serenity: Your private jetty awaits, with the majestic Mount Rigi standing guard in the distance.
Lake Villa Lotus: Our private jetty and pier

Make Memories at Lucerne Lakeside Villa’s Private Beach: Your Secluded Oasis

Serenity and Privacy Combined

Our private beach is a tranquil haven for those who seek a quiet spot to unwind. It’s a personal paradise where you can relax undisturbed, with the soothing sounds of the lake as your backdrop.

Secluded sands and Alpine splendor: Relax on our private beach with the iconic Mount Rigi as your backdrop
Lake Villa Lotus: Our private beach

Pristine Private Pool: Luxurious Relaxation

Elevated Poolside Pleasure

The private pool at Villa Lotus, located on the upper terrace, offers an exclusive aquatic escape with panoramic views of the lake and surrounding nature. It’s a serene spot for guests to enjoy leisurely swims or to lounge poolside in complete privacy.

Experience the serene blend of luxury and nature at Classic Lakeside Villa Lucerne, nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Swiss Alps. This image captures the villa's majestic charm, its inviting infinity pool, and the pristine waters of Lake Lucerne, offering guests a picturesque retreat.
Explore the history and natural charm of our Landhouse Villa in Lucerne. A perfect blend of traditional style and serene lakefront living. Discover our story and book your stay.

Boathouse by the Lakeside: Adventures on the Shore

Your Lakeside Adventure Hub

From the boathouse by the lakeside, embark on aquatic adventures or simply appreciate the charm of lakeside living. Our boathouse is not just a feature; it’s the starting point for unforgettable memories on the water.

Charm and history converge at our traditional boathouse
Lake Villa Lotus: Our famous boathouse

Classic Vintage Boats: Sail Through History

Timeless Elegance on the Water

Board our classic vintage boats to travel back in time and experience the elegance of bygone eras. The Chris Craft 1939 and Pedrazzini Cavallino de Luxe 1967 are more than just vessels; they are historical icons ready to enhance your lakeside journey.

Set sail in style aboard the exquisite Pedrazzini Cavallino de Luxe, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and luxury on the lake
Lake Villa Lotus: Our Classic beatuy “Pedrazzini Cavallino de Luxe”

A Haven of Nature and Convenience

Close to Lucerne, Close to Nature

Villa Lotus is ideally located to offer guests the best of both worlds: the convenience of being close to the city of Lucerne and the bliss of being surrounded by nature. Our villa is a peaceful retreat that feels miles away from the hustle and bustle.

Panoramic Views and Unrivaled Privacy

An Exclusive Lakeside Vista

With no direct neighbours and panoramic views, Villa Lotus ensures an exclusive experience. Our terraces and gardens offer private, lush spaces where nature’s beauty can be appreciated in peace.

A Legacy of Authenticity and Charm

Cherishing Our Historical Roots

Villa Lotus is steeped in history and authenticity, with each corner telling a story of Swiss tradition and lakeside heritage. Here, the charm of the past is preserved and celebrated, offering guests a timeless escape.

Explore our Classic Lucerne Lakeside Villa

A short movie on our authentic property and landhouse villa

Experience the Beauty of Classic Lakeside Villa: Your Vintage Lakeside Retreat

Take a 3D interactive tour on our lakeside property

360 view of our property

The History of our Lucerne Lakeside Villa: it all started in 1941

Constructed in 1941, this lakeside villa was the vision of an innovative cheese producer from Emmental, renowned for being a pioneer in exporting the iconic Emmentaler cheese to the United States. By 1945, the villa’s unique charm and architectural elegance had captured the attention of the nation, earning it a featured spot in the esteemed Swiss publication “Das ideale Heim,” solidifying its status as an exemplar of Swiss heritage and design.

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Lucerne Lakeside Villa on historic postcards